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"Help me, Formula-Wan Kenobi, youre my only hope."
"Help me, Formula-Wan Kenobi, youre my only hope." photo | portfolio
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"Help me, Formula-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope."

Sun 8:01:14


Lego - It does 0 to 60 quid in no time.

Sun 9:53:28


Normally ewoks to work.

Sun 8:35:47


He finished in Sith place.

Sun 8:00:25


"Darth Vader drove off in a Ford, he's in a Galaxy far far away."

Sun 13:52:26


Star Wars 45: We just don't care anymore.

Sun 13:47:03


A recent survey by magazine ”Toys Monthly” has revealed that the average age of little boys who play with Lego is 43.

Sun 10:09:03


I am actually a grasshopper and fell into a tin of white gloss with no lid on in the garden where I hang out. My wings are glued together so I am now registered disabled and get about in this toy that I found at the back of the shed.

Sun 9:52:18


''We can't get him out of the car. He won't Lego of the wheel.''

Sun 8:41:27


"Is there a problem, Lord Vader?"

*rasp* "I find your lack of ability to follow instructions... disturbing." *rasp* "The instructions were for building a Death Star!"

Sun 12:09:44


Could be worse..could be a cat or dog

Sun 9:46:45


He hasn't won a race in 486 starts, but he just keeps going. What a trooper.

Sun 9:19:41


This prick just tried to run me over, luckily, he's a Stormtrooper so he missed.

Sun 9:17:48


Official Laptime: 11.99 Parsecs.

Sun 8:19:43


"These aren't the toys we're looking for."

Sun 8:00:54


"There is no try .... this isn't bloody Rugby."

Sun 10:27:20


May the course be with you.

Sun 10:22:29


The Disney remake of Hamilton

Sun 9:18:30


Before crossing the road always stop, Luke, and listen.

Sun 9:15:20


May the Force India be with you

Sun 8:28:58


"I find your lack of faith mask disturbing."

Sun 8:22:32


BREAKING NEWS SILVERSTONE: One of the Danish drivers has been disqualified for persistent blocking.

Sun 8:18:02


"Norman immediately splurged the compensation he received following his blaster injury at work."

Sun 8:02:35


Star cars

Sun 12:11:01


He knows how fast it goes. He's bricking it.

Sun 9:58:01


He found it difficult to mingle with people on Alderaan as he was from a different race

Sun 9:06:56


"I was hoping for a ride from Princess Leia"

Sun 8:41:38


May the downforce be with you

Sun 8:38:36


Giving an interview to Me on the trackside, Anon said "I used to be a Stormtrooper but I was told I was a bit short, so I took up Formula One instead. The old uniform's really useful as safety gear"

Sun 8:26:33


We have to let Darth Vader win because he’s black.

Sun 8:23:42


"Aren't you a little short for a Schumacher?"

Sun 8:18:20


"May the centrifugal force be with you."

Sun 8:15:52


"Please don't be mistaken, these aren't wheels, they're my sound system. Built up areas here I come"

Sun 8:03:51


"That would be a lot more impressive if it were a toy Yoda."

Sun 8:02:56


Car Wars

Sun 8:00:10

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