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Frankie Goes to Hobbycraft

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Right Said Thread

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"Is there a support act?"
'Frayed knot.'

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String quintet

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Make That

new entryMon 20:00:11


Elastic Band

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The Sultans of String

new entryMon 20:00:07


String orchestra

new entryMon 20:00:05


If Blue Peter did Glastonbury..

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Opportunity Knots

new entryMon 20:23:25


Mummyford and Sons rock Edinburgh Festival for fourth year running.

new entryMon 20:01:11


We used to be a string quartet until that bloody Dave turned up playing with his organ.

new entryMon 20:00:19


Organisers of The Proms hoped that the inevitable cutbacks wouldn't be too noticeable.

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Voodoo Dolls

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Drunk Yoko Ono asks for tribute to Linen and Macrame.

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And here's tonight's line-up

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Knit one, Purl Jam.

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The instrumental was good but the lead singer is just a high pitched twine.

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The Rolling Stones will be with you shortly.

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Oh gee, it's not even October yet.

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BREAKING NEWS - Hansel & Gretel's family go missing while a ransom note from the Cookie Monster is received by the police.

new entryMon 23:27:50


National yoyo ban? Figures.

new entryMon 22:17:19


Threaddie & The Dreamers

new entryMon 21:25:09


After the hits dried up and a bitter dispute with their manager over royalties, they all committed suicide. Following their final gig at the Village Hall, Great Mitton, the groupie who discovered their bodies claimed they were very well hung.

new entryMon 21:11:02


Anon and Me like to unwind after a long day with a bit of Cordplay.

new entryMon 20:39:59


They've always been a close-knit group.

new entryMon 20:24:29


Thready Macrame and Queen.

new entryMon 20:22:42


"They were put together on a shoestring budget."

new entryMon 20:22:40


''I need to make some sewing alterations to the group. Where's the Singer?''

new entryMon 20:22:01


Louis Armstring and his Knot Five

new entryMon 20:21:48


An early photo of The Police before String went solo.

new entryMon 20:21:30


The Effigy Gees

new entryMon 20:18:18


Do you know what Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse's deaths all have in common?

Yes, they were all mummified.

new entryMon 20:16:16


They work well together as a band, but individually, they are highly strung.

new entryMon 20:16:02


The Incredible String Band

new entryMon 20:13:07


Tyer Straits

new entryMon 20:12:34


The Spinners

new entryMon 20:12:27


The Mummies & the Puppets

new entryMon 20:11:55


Music to help you unwind.

new entryMon 20:10:51


"Ok lads, let's play some Beetwoven."

new entryMon 20:10:20


Kenny Ball of String and his Jazzmen

new entryMon 20:07:12


Stringfellows hires new house band.

new entryMon 20:06:42


Some of the vocals were a bit ropey, but on the whole, not a bad performance.

new entryMon 20:06:31


Next up, Was Knot Was perform Shake Your Thread.

new entryMon 20:01:33


All the right chords but not in the right order

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