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Sun 20:40:09


2022, and the Anti-Vaxxers say "I told you so".

Sun 20:28:10


"Mr Jones? I've some good and bad news. The good news is you've had a little boy, congratulations. The bad news is he burst his way out of your wife's stomach before killing the midwife and is currently floating around the maternity ward singing Westlife songs. Yes, you heard, Westlife...Evil bastard"

Sun 20:11:03


"Poor Charlie. He's been constipated for three days now"

Sun 20:00:16


"Well, Dave thinks I'm being unmotherly, but would you breastfeed him?"

Sun 20:32:40


Even when he was a baby, people were terrified of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Sun 20:00:26


"My mother suck WHAT in hell?!"

new entryMon 19:04:28


The Yorkshire Nipper

Sun 20:47:47


That cord had come in handy to stop that woman with her legs in the air from screaming,

Sun 20:32:33


Baby Anon

Sun 20:17:54


"Oh, dear. He's finally reached the terrible twos."

Sun 20:07:38


Bloody Amazon. I wanted a sexy surprise for my husband, so I ordered a babydoll, size large.

Sun 20:00:47


"Greta, Greta, enough already!"

new entry0:36:33


Put it back in the corner.

Mon 5:16:57


Don't stare, every baby is beautiful.

Sun 21:03:34


I see Trump has been injecting the Hyroxychloroquine.

Sun 20:43:20


Very Young Frankenstein

Sun 20:30:05


First photo of Boris Johnson's new baby

Sun 20:05:48


I remember when he was little more than a squint in his father's eye.

Sun 20:00:11


Anon and Me use the babysitter's club, we have to when there's zombies babies running about.

Mon 8:30:58



Mon 3:37:18



Mon 3:36:08


Abortion Advocates Unveil New Mascot

Sun 22:36:56


"Nurse. Pass me an Apgar score test... and an elephant gun!"

Sun 22:01:54


"Those eyes, he's so bloody ugly. Oh, I'm sorry Mavis, my mouth works quicker than the brain."
"That's all right Jill, he wouldn't have heard you, he's deaf."

Sun 21:33:14


Fugly Kid Joe

Sun 21:01:19


Spawn of the Dead

Sun 20:59:09


Astroboy: Origins.

Sun 20:53:32


''Does he resemble any of the family?''

''He's the Spitting Image of his father.''

Sun 20:52:25


Has science gone too far?

Sun 20:49:54


"Hey look, there's a fly on my nose..."

Sun 20:48:31


Early Gurning Centre

Sun 20:33:21


Ugly Learning Centre

Sun 20:31:11


"And this is our new baby, Jack."

"Oh, he's ..."

Sun 20:29:11


That's what I get for screwing Madonna.

Sun 20:27:15


Not all lives are sacred.

Sun 20:25:39


Jason tells dead adult jokes.

Sun 20:23:11


There's something disturbing about Barron.

Sun 20:22:39


The statue of Libaby

Sun 20:12:07


"Is that your baby?"

"Yes. Possession is nine-tenths of the law."

Sun 20:11:32


Chookie Monster

Sun 20:10:49


The latest anti abortion campaign proves unsuccessful

Sun 20:05:02


The nursery phoned and asked me to pick him as he’d had a little tumble! Crikey, ....some tumble.

Sun 20:04:08


"It's not post natal depression, Dave. He clearly doesn't like me"

Sun 20:03:28


The Gross Baby

Sun 20:02:59


After looking back at family photos, the parents of Dominic Cummings admit that even as a baby, he showed a sinister side.

Sun 20:00:56


"Darling, trying James on greens possibly wasn't a good idea"

Sun 20:00:18

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