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Coors abOrginal.
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Ross Davidson Vote score: 1681Ross Davidson

Coors abOrginal.

17/07/16 10:07:25

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 15341Dan Nicholls

After 8 bottles of this, the one on the left looks like the one on the right.

17/07/16 10:48:46

Michael Winner Vote score: 23490Michael Winner

Top Tip: never get your face tattooed by someone on mescaline.

17/07/16 8:00:35

John  Glover Vote score: 20940John Glover

Shiela had a crate of them, but they've gone walkabout.

17/07/16 13:01:25

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 7105Hercules Rockefeller

"Ma'am, I don't wish to startle you, but I think you may have some Juggalo ejaculate on your face."

17/07/16 8:17:23

Michael Winner Vote score: 23490Michael Winner

Hair by Toni and Guy, top by Next, face paint by the Vietnamese Nationalist Army.

17/07/16 8:12:35

Henry Dixon Vote score: 751Henry Dixon

Samantha celebrates her earnings of £20:05p. When asked which rotten skinflint gave £00:05p. Samantha smiled and said, "They all did !"

19/07/16 21:45:53

Michael Monkhouse Vote score: 2804Michael Monkhouse

The all in one Spice Girl.

18/07/16 11:57:59

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 11063Neil Mackenzie

Matt had painstakingly hand painted her face. Now he just needed her to suck on his spray nozzle for a cream finish.

18/07/16 8:07:44

Barrie Bullock Vote score: 622Barrie Bullock

look at the tits on th.......WTF.

17/07/16 15:14:53

Stephen Paterson Vote score: 3286Stephen Paterson

Have some Deutsch Courage, as this place may make your hair curl.

17/07/16 10:51:35

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 15341Dan Nicholls

Pam Flett had a funny way of distributing literature from her bra.

17/07/16 10:49:36

Ian Skelding Vote score: 23080Ian Skelding

At the Days of the Dead Convention Joe's hair and specs combination won best horror moment of the day.

17/07/16 10:21:19

Jay Oliver Vote score: 248Jay Oliver

Henna-ssy Cognac

17/07/16 10:19:03

Mr Dome Vote score: 10264Mr Dome

In a world first, the only sane looking person there is Jack Osborne

17/07/16 9:53:18

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

She's Dotty.

17/07/16 9:48:38

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

The last time Zoe got drunk she was given an ABO.

17/07/16 9:39:40

Stephen Paterson Vote score: 3286Stephen Paterson

Sadly, the Phwoaror Show bombed.

17/07/16 9:20:16

Mark England Vote score: 17411Mark England

At the party, everybody was getting their face painted, so not to feel left out, introvert Jane had glasses painted on her face

17/07/16 8:57:21

Michael Winner Vote score: 23490Michael Winner

I don't know that significance of the white dots, but apparently her face is patrolled by a lifeguard.

17/07/16 8:07:56

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