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I’m in two minds whether to believe this.

new entry12:01:22


For when you're going through a bad spell?

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Needs an E.

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I think three lines would sort it out --Mr Dome

It's true. I went to my psychiatrist with a fear of sexual intercourse and now I'm addicted to crack.

new entry12:30:26


Bullshit, I buy my dope off Gulliver.

new entry12:22:30

I think that's a bit of a tall tale! --Karyn Harrison

Well, my psychiatrist really helped me out, she's my absolute heroin.

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"I've got mine on speed dial."

new entry13:54:29


That's a bitter pill to swallow.

new entry12:35:26


Sorry I'm late, I was just having a session with my psychiatrist.

new entry12:19:32


The Smurfs are our smallest drug pushers

new entry12:18:36


"I won't take this lying down!"

new entry12:03:29


They spend the money on ridiculous things like mansions and prams that look like cars.

new entry13:34:21


I can only see an 'I' after the 'G'. Where did the ego?

new entry13:03:46


"So, how do I make an appointment?"

new entry12:59:58


Not sure about that. I get my caffeine and alcohol from the store.

new entry12:53:02


I know, I bought some then spent 2 bloody hours on the couch being asked how they make me feel.

new entry12:35:34


Dealer or No Dealer?

new entry12:28:35


Show me a psychiatrist and I'll show you some dope.

new entry12:04:00


It is true - Pablo Escobar has been awarded the prestigious lifetime achievement award from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

new entry21:36:35


Ego trip.

new entry21:26:30


The local cocaine dealing trick-cyclist was pleased to local informer was dyslexic.

new entry21:17:26


“I wonder what he meant by that.”

new entry20:20:08


Healer Dealers

new entry19:55:59


My psychiatrists sells me cocaine in cling film.

It comes shrink wrapped..

new entry19:40:28


No wonder having to write twenty prescriptions for one person who has multiple personalities.

new entry19:17:11


Couch pot-ato

new entry16:34:12


How does that make you feel?

new entry15:47:53


License to Fill

new entry15:39:12


"I like my drugs shrink-wrapped."

new entry14:03:25


"Doesn't affect me, I'm a chicken!"

new entry13:44:37


Crazy shit like this does my head in

new entry12:56:42


"I was given LSD for my OCD."

new entry12:37:37


"They'll push you over the edge."

new entry12:14:50


"Not anymore, we've got them Bong to Writes..."

new entry12:13:47


I don't believe there is an ounce of truth in this

new entry12:09:01


The writing is on the wall.

new entry12:06:02


"One made me Freudian slip."

new entry12:04:37


"They caused my shrinking problem."

new entry12:02:13


They've cornered the very black market.

new entry12:01:56


A Mental Note.

new entry12:01:14


Apart from pen pushers like yourself of course

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