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A flight of fancy.
A flight of fancy. photo | portfolio
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Pete  Vote score: 18532Pete

A flight of fancy.

08/02/18 12:28:07

Mr Dome  Vote score: 5028Mr Dome

I once had a psychedelic trip here

08/02/18 13:49:01

Pussy Galore Vote score: 6317Pussy Galore

Rise and shine.

09/02/18 0:03:15

Vivvy En Vote score: 2944Vivvy En

Dave's crystal-making hobby was wildly out of control! As the kaleidoscopic lights refracted down the staircase they should have seen it coming... climb it change.

08/02/18 14:34:26

Michael Winner Vote score: 20780Michael Winner


08/02/18 17:29:10

Vivvy En Vote score: 2944Vivvy En

Stepping in the light direction

08/02/18 13:36:06

Ian Skelding Vote score: 19295Ian Skelding

Ass end

08/02/18 12:08:10

Steve Davies Vote score: 2440Steve Davies

To celebrate woman's rights they finally break through the glass ceiling.

08/02/18 19:31:11

Dave Bryan Vote score: 1564Dave Bryan

Twenty Flight Rock

08/02/18 16:30:39

ross graham ross graham

lucy in the sky with diamonds

08/02/18 14:44:43

John Llamas Vote score: 19299John Llamas

“You’ll feel right at home here love ...... looks like they have a problem with damp in the back passage too.”

08/02/18 13:40:26

tony kelly Vote score: 1272tony kelly

The prices at Lady Grey's tea shop are a bit steep.

08/02/18 13:39:47

Pete  Vote score: 18532Pete

Stonewall jacksie.

08/02/18 13:33:34

John  Glover Vote score: 17695John Glover

"I think I have a problem doctor,I can't stop stairing."
"Ah, you are my first stair case."

08/02/18 13:03:23

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 10752Dan Nicholls

This isn't the 12 step programme you need babe...

08/02/18 12:33:37

Greg Curtis Vote score: 4972Greg Curtis

"With that door childhood was looking up."

08/02/18 12:31:02

ant man Vote score: 969ant man

Looks like they're up to something...

08/02/18 12:22:40

Greg Curtis Vote score: 4972Greg Curtis

"I would not have survived my early years––not without my slinky."

08/02/18 12:09:40

Chris Keegan Vote score: 2652Chris Keegan

Ahhhhh……Sweet memories of happy days, high and stoned.

08/02/18 12:06:14

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 6109Vanessa the Guesser

I vaguely remember someone having a camera in my back passage earlier.

08/02/18 12:04:25

Greg Curtis Vote score: 4972Greg Curtis

Basementally deranged

08/02/18 12:03:22

Tony Edwards Vote score: 26918Tony Edwards

The Dirty-Nine Steps.

08/02/18 12:02:45

Welsh Rarebit Vote score: 32249Welsh Rarebit

A Passage to Bang cock

08/02/18 12:00:38

Welsh Rarebit Vote score: 32249Welsh Rarebit

🎵 Stairway to Devon 🎵

08/02/18 12:00:19

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