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Naturally, Gavin didn't understand the gravity of the situation.

Mon 12:06:49

But it didn't stop him from Gavin it his all. --Willie Johnson

"What dog turd?...."

Mon 12:34:25

He's taking a turd for the worse. --Willie Johnson

It was looking doubtful he would hit the ground running.

Mon 18:40:17


"What the hell was that?"
"A BMX bike has just come flying through our window."

Mon 17:42:43


Dave was diagnosed as having Upside Downs Syndrome.

Mon 14:40:56


Shortly after this routine, Dave was taken to hospital with a dislocated shouder, broken leg and required a hip op'. That's why it's called break dancing.

Mon 12:45:08


"Jay now represents through streetdance that Brexit has only upsides and no possible downsi... Jay, you Ok man? I'ma call an ambulance."

Mon 12:42:08


"Go on Steve, I will catch you mate, don't you worr...oh".

Mon 12:33:37


"Wow, that's talent right there. I can't believe they've been in that position for ten minutes"

Mon 12:20:34


"Sorry boss, I can't come into work. I strained my back yesterday tying my shoelaces."

"Mate, I was in the crowd you daft tw-t."

Mon 12:01:10


Performing opposite the fruit and veg stand always involved potential banana skins.

Mon 12:00:41


And the crowd were so mesmerised by the performance, they failed to spot the antichrist with her head on back to front…

Mon 12:00:21


Never underestimate a pick pocketer.

Mon 12:00:07


Call the Doctor! I think he’s having a funny turn.

new entry5:24:44

A turn for the worse? --Willie Johnson

The ball, you idiot, dribble the ball!

new entry1:26:56


After a contribution from the crowd the Allstars were able to afford a real basketball.

new entryMon 19:31:04


The latest craze to sweep America. Death defying leaps into the air on an invisible skateboard. Yo dudes.

Mon 15:22:02


Marathon News: A last minute upset before a breakneck finish.

new entry11:39:40


Gay sex is pretty much like regular sex.

new entry1:28:03


Anon has a powerful handshake, it sent Me flying.

new entryMon 20:14:35


Extreme baton twirling.

Mon 15:24:04


Street artrips

Mon 15:11:07


Flippin' awful!

Mon 15:07:48


Dave's Thai girlfriend Ping Pong had taught him a few tricks.

Mon 14:47:06


Cannonball Rally

Mon 13:25:22


"Ah, clever, the deadly right handed 'Finger Flick."

Mon 13:01:26


Two's company, there's a crowd

Mon 12:58:05


Flight of stares

Mon 12:45:41


Arse about face

Mon 12:40:55


"...and our next trick Ladies and Gentlemen is the most dangerous trick of all. It's called, 'Gather a large group of people together during a Pandemic to watch this trick'..."

Mon 12:33:02


Paul Pogba demonstrates how to deal with defenders.

Mon 12:32:49


And the excitement is growing as Damon takes on the invisible man in the Arm Wrestling final. Meanwhile, 1000 ft above in the helicopter...

"Where's Dave?"

Mon 12:24:35


♫ Bruv is in the air ♫

Mon 12:17:01


World farting champion Dave attempts lift off.

Mon 12:07:45


He always did go head over heels for people.

Mon 12:03:14


"Hey, man, let me lend you a hand."

Mon 12:00:06

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