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Land of the writhing bum.
Land of the writhing bum. photo | portfolio
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Was there really any need for the bad language at the start of the caption though?


What bad language is that then dear caption police?

(caption author)

OK I confess i don't speak japanese chinese or any other language this may be and accept there probably is no bad language at all... thanks for the promotion to the caption police do i get a pay rise too.


So why make the comment in the first place? If you was trying to be funny then surely a smiley face would of been added to your comment. And why feel the need to be anonymous ? You will be able to see my name soon so why not put your own name to your silly comment ?
PS. copy and paste caption in google translate

(caption author)

CA, I'm sorry you took my silly comment the wrong way as it was never my intent to for smiley faces i shall not be using them to show im trying to be funny everytime i write a comment on a site designed for humour.


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