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"Somethings not right- I keep pressing Home, but Im still here."
"Somethings not right- I keep pressing Home, but Im still here." photo | portfolio
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Michael Winner Vote score: 23625Michael Winner

"Something's not right- I keep pressing 'Home', but I'm still here."

13/02/14 20:00:49

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 11362Neil Mackenzie

She told her Doctor she was going on holiday.
He told her to keep taking the Tablets.

13/02/14 20:00:09

Not sure why this isn't getting more votes, it's excellent! --Michael Winner
Chris Halliwell Vote score: 5292Chris Halliwell

The Skype's the limit.

13/02/14 21:10:14

Zac Kramer Vote score: 10993Zac Kramer

High Pad

13/02/14 20:25:26

John Llamas Vote score: 20052John Llamas

Miss App

13/02/14 20:06:34

Dev B Vote score: 645Dev B

Oh dear, it's all here anyway....why waste money on a bus tour.

14/02/14 8:35:51

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

The secret here, like writing most captions, is not to pad it out.

13/02/14 20:52:33

Ian Skelding Vote score: 23598Ian Skelding

"What's the message say Maria?"
"It says, we neknominate you to stand on an open top vehicle wearing the worst dress and sunglasses you can find."

13/02/14 20:35:42

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 7411Hercules Rockefeller

It was then that Rosa realized she'd forgotten her other pads.

13/02/14 20:01:03

John  Glover Vote score: 21229John Glover

Being a first class thief Rowena knew that an apple a day kept her debts at bay.

13/02/14 20:14:50

Phil Carway Vote score: 152Phil Carway

Unfortunately, Google Maps doesn't give directions for getting off a bus.

13/02/14 21:44:06

Tracey Sarge Vote score: 2566Tracey Sarge

Tour of London Eye pad!

13/02/14 20:40:26

Ian Skelding Vote score: 23598Ian Skelding

Apple tart.

13/02/14 20:36:24

Dave Mackay Vote score: 900Dave Mackay

Two wrist photography.

13/02/14 20:28:04

Tony Edwards Vote score: 33148Tony Edwards

Eve gets ready to tempt the bus driver with the apple.

13/02/14 20:23:58

Andy Herbert Vote score: 252Andy Herbert

I hope there's an airbrush app for my 'selfie'

13/02/14 20:20:17

Brian  Malco Vote score: 2445Brian Malco

"YES! I knew I could grab one if he drove close enough to an apple tree!"

13/02/14 20:19:12

John Llamas Vote score: 20052John Llamas

Despite leaving prison nearly 8 month ago, Shirley is still obsessed with opening Windows.

13/02/14 20:03:08

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