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She was only a Lumber Jacks Daughter, but I Fell for her.
She was only a Lumber Jacks Daughter, but I Fell for her. photo | portfolio
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Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 10071Neil Mackenzie

She was only a Lumber Jacks Daughter, but I Fell for her.

15/01/13 9:06:43

Smuldo Vote score: 11339Smuldo

It had overgrown for ages but Mum was delighted to finally get her bush trimmed.

15/01/13 8:00:59

C CaMel Vote score: 5027C CaMel

" My parents hope I meet a nice feller. "

15/01/13 8:28:39

Mark Leyshon Vote score: 118Mark Leyshon

The Grand National Fences still need a bit of work before the race in April

15/01/13 9:57:25

Nina Dutton Vote score: 884Nina Dutton

You'd have thought they would have spruced up for their family portrait.

15/01/13 9:01:39

Spud Gunn Vote score: 1595Spud Gunn

In Ireland it's not uncommon for a young girl to have tree fellers at the same time.

15/01/13 8:50:22

Smuldo Vote score: 11339Smuldo

"For they are Jolly Wood Fellers..."

15/01/13 8:02:05

Tosser Wivlov Vote score: 5630Tosser Wivlov

No fucker was pinching a Christmas tree from their land this year.

15/01/13 9:32:10

Nina Dutton Vote score: 884Nina Dutton

Stop posing and deliver me timbers.

15/01/13 9:05:08

F Mackay Vote score: 17014F Mackay

Log-ends of the Fall.

15/01/13 8:43:16

Michael Winner Vote score: 22728Michael Winner

"Father", sighed young George Washington, "I cannot tell a lie. It was them- they're the ones who did it."

15/01/13 8:01:59

Smuldo Vote score: 11339Smuldo

"Cheer up girls, it was you two that wanted to go on a Chopping Spree."

15/01/13 8:01:25

Mark England Vote score: 15976Mark England

"I wish I'd been a girlie, just like my dear Papa"

15/01/13 12:29:50

Tony Edwards Vote score: 30910Tony Edwards

Jack was having second thoughts about his fantasy threesome after he saw the way the women wielded the chopper.

15/01/13 8:32:22

Andy Herbert Vote score: 249Andy Herbert

The Mad Axers Tea Party

15/01/13 8:25:15

Spud Gunn Vote score: 1595Spud Gunn

Yeah, the shirt and trousers aren't much better.

15/01/13 8:22:41

Nathan Davies Vote score: 250Nathan Davies

After making them pose for two hours, Liz finally finds the sepia tone option on her new digital camera.

15/01/13 8:13:12

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