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"Yes Officer she was cycling along then the silly cow tried to jump the lights. "
"Yes Officer she was cycling along then the silly cow tried to jump the lights. " photo | portfolio
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Miss Gulch hated those Kansas wind storms

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This would have got my vote without any nod to the Wonderful Wizard.......Was Miss Gulch on her way to the Emerald City?..


Most likely ... she headed for the green light

(caption author)

I agree with Ian- it's a great caption, and doesn't need the 'nod to' after it- the name 'Miss Gulch' would be recognised by anyone who has ever seen the film.


Fair enough, thanks for the advice - I've deleted the nod to Oz

(caption author)

Personally, I think that 'nods' should only be given to previously used captions by other people. Giving them to the source material often kills the joke, preventing the reader from working it out for themselves. I've done loads of quotes from films that have got exactly no votes, but every now and again someone gets it and it's worth it.


I always considered the 'nods' to be a way to express my appreciation for excellent source material (whatever the origin) - like bowing & giving credit to the excellence (in this case) of the film. If I made up a caption involving song lyrics from the Monkeys for example, I would have given a nod to Davey Jones as a mark of respect. I have previously given a nod to Freddie Mercury for the same reason. Isn't that what most captioneers 'nod' for?

(caption author)

I think if we nod to anything that inspired us apart from other captioneers, the majority of captions might start to contain "nods". Most of the time it is exactly the reference that makes it funny...
Giving a nod after captions would feel like explaining the joke. A nod to another captioneer acknowledges his/her wit and is a kind gesture and thank you for re-using it in a new way.


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