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Hahahahaha this has my LOL vote!:D


Baggy Puss, this isn't my caption but I've got to say that the speech marks are perfect. In fact the whole sentence is punctuated perfectly (well done captioneer). It's great that you are policing the site but please get it right.


Do you know what Steve, you are bloody right. I'm so sorry, I've just looked again and it is. Thank you for pointing that out mate. Sorry captioneer. I shall delete the wrong advice but just so people know, I incorrectly said that the speech marks were wrong and they are not... they're perfect.


Thanks for your kind words. I know what you mean about spelling and punctuation etc as if it has been done badly it can really detract from a good idea.

(caption author)

The speech marks have been used faultlessly; though the way I was taught, there should be a comma after 'said' as well.


I did think about that, but I decided that when people were reading it to themselves I didn't want there to be any pause between the 'said' and the 'Yes'. I thought that having a comma there and also between 'Yes' and 'Mick Hucknall' would give two hesitations within a very short time and disturb the flow too much.

Next week I plan to get out more laughing face

(caption author)

@David G and Anon. Not really. Commas aren't supposed to show a pause. If a sentence needs a pause for breath then it's too long. The comma is used to signify an aside, something that is incidental to the main point of the sentence. You should be able to remove that part (the part before or after one comma OR the part between two) of the sentence without it losing its main meaning. If we add a comma where you suggest - and then remove the incidental part between the two commas - we're left with "So I took my knickers off and said 'Yes, Mick Hucknall.'". I agree that that could work as a sentence but it loses most of its meaning.

I too have been meaning to get out more but I love my grammar too much!


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