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Maption is Live!

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Caption.Me features a custom-built tool called "Maption" - a way of brainstorming caption ideas for a photo on Click a photo - the Maption button is just underneath.

The aim of Maption is to identify the key objects in a photo, then build a mind map of things that relate to those objects. Find ways to link the objects together, and get inspired with new caption ideas.

It's a real-time collaborative tool - you'll see things that other people are adding to the mind map immediately as they add them.

I'd like to know how you get on with Maption so I can refine it. Please reply here with any feedback.

It'll work best on Chrome and Firefox.



  • Hi Chris, no luck in Safari, but it's fantastic in Chrome. This is just perfect, providing a kind of lateral thinking tool similar to a visual thesaurus, and I'm sure it will provide lots of insight and extra connections for making captions. It reminds me of 'Inspiration', mind-mapping software that's often used in US schools, which is brilliant for planning and brainstorming ideas. Well done Chris, you've just made Captionme the best caption site on the web.
  • Not sure about this yet...I think if I had a blisteringly good idea...would I really want to reveal it?
  • Thanks MW,

    I've tried it in Safari on the desktop (version 5.1.1) and it works for me. Which Safari version are you using, please? Doesn't work on the iPhone but does work on iPad (although dragging links doesn't work). Good to see people using the tool.

    I'll put some kind of indication on the maps that have changed since you last visited so it's easier to see activity.
  • E F-S,

    I'm sure you're right, and not everyone will want to share their thought process with other captioneers. In my experience of the site though, there's a surprisingly collaborative aspect to it (people sharing corrections, suggestions, ideas etc). If just a handful of people use the tool, I'm happy.
  • You'll now see a little maption button appear on the top-left corner of the screen whenever a caption mind map is updated. Clicking on it will take you straight there so you can join in and improve the map together.
  • Is Maption offline? (26th june)
  • Hi Guido,

    Thanks for letting me know. I've restarted the Maption server and it's now working again. I'll see if I can get to the bottom of the problem and stop it happening again in future.

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