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Blow-up dell.  (nod to 12.59)
Blow-up dell.  (nod to 12.59) photo | portfolio
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tony kelly Vote score: 1272tony kelly

Blow-up dell.

(nod to 12.59)

10/09/17 15:26:50

Welsh Rarebit Vote score: 31033Welsh Rarebit

The Wind in the Windows

10/09/17 12:14:18

Bobby D Vote score: 719Bobby D

Make-shift, Alt, Esc

10/09/17 17:14:22

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 5323Vanessa the Guesser

I've been suffering from terrible wind, but my doctor said to just monitor it.

10/09/17 15:18:01

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 9917Dan Nicholls

Ahhh, it's one of those fan sites you're always hearing about.

10/09/17 12:13:02

Ian Skelding Vote score: 18717Ian Skelding

The IT's going to hit the fan.

Nod to 12:35:47

10/09/17 15:53:30

Smuldo Vote score: 10007Smuldo

"Is that the MacBook Air? ..."

10/09/17 12:47:29

Mr Dome  Vote score: 4650Mr Dome

'Yes he's always playing stupid war games, now he's called in air support'

10/09/17 16:01:13

Tony Edwards Vote score: 26187Tony Edwards

Dell boy laptop

10/09/17 12:59:26

Eamon Moore Vote score: 161Eamon Moore


10/09/17 12:37:09

Jonathan Allsopp Vote score: 2799Jonathan Allsopp

John was confused and thought his laptop might have E.bola virus.

10/09/17 13:52:50

Helen Llamas Vote score: 933Helen Llamas

Ooh great! We're about to see what happens when all the social-media shit hits the fan!

10/09/17 12:35:47

Pussy Galore Vote score: 5850Pussy Galore

The things you have to do to get a Blue Peter badge these days!

10/09/17 19:51:06

Pussy Galore Vote score: 5850Pussy Galore

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the coolest.

10/09/17 19:40:21

Bobby D Vote score: 719Bobby D

When you've just spent all your savings on a new car and a holiday

10/09/17 17:48:22

C CaMel Vote score: 3125C CaMel

Big fan of this laptop

10/09/17 17:48:19

Bobby D Vote score: 719Bobby D

ah! ah! ah! ah! staying alive! staying alive!

10/09/17 17:45:48

Bobby D Vote score: 719Bobby D

The lengths a man will go to, to get his porn

10/09/17 17:29:35

John  Glover Vote score: 17296John Glover

"Well, I've looked at your job application son, and I think it needs re drafting .... what the hell do you think you're doing?"

10/09/17 16:05:26

Ian Skelding Vote score: 18717Ian Skelding

A Windfall Apple

10/09/17 15:47:59

Vivvy En Vote score: 2564Vivvy En

Dave wanted to try wind surfing the web

(Nod to 12.37.09)

10/09/17 15:43:11

GeeDee Vote score: 2560GeeDee

Dave didn't know how to tell his wife she was a Wind Bag then he came up with this idea.. he now lives in the shed

10/09/17 13:38:23

GeeDee Vote score: 2560GeeDee

Funnel Vision

10/09/17 13:28:02

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