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Ian Skelding Vote score: 17786Ian Skelding

"So Commissioner Harris, has recruiting Polar bears as part of your Vice Squad team worked to reduce crime in your area?"

09/10/17 11:14:56

John  Glover Vote score: 16615John Glover

"Joyce, remember you lost your furry knickers at the party last night, well, I think I have just spotted them."

09/10/17 12:13:30

Tony Edwards Vote score: 25496Tony Edwards


09/10/17 12:03:45

Mr Dome  Vote score: 3952Mr Dome

A McFurry please

09/10/17 11:39:59

G fj Vote score: 345G fj

Kerb koala

09/10/17 17:15:21

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 9024Dan Nicholls

Jane decides to stage a sit down denim-stration.

09/10/17 11:25:54

GeeDee Vote score: 2509GeeDee

Kerry had the Macfurry Special

09/10/17 15:58:35

Vivvy En Vote score: 2157Vivvy En

It was a hairy business looking cool in the hood.

09/10/17 15:24:17

Greg Curtis Vote score: 4467Greg Curtis

"A floundering prostitute - being COMPLETELY ignored as usual - launches a desperate 'going out of business sale.' "

09/10/17 11:03:45

GeeDee Vote score: 2509GeeDee

Girlz in de Hood

09/10/17 15:57:51

Dr Strangelove Vote score: 446Dr Strangelove

Teen Wolf

09/10/17 14:51:14

tony kelly Vote score: 1173tony kelly

Fur Elise.

09/10/17 14:27:24

tony kelly Vote score: 1173tony kelly

Not feline great at the moment.

09/10/17 11:54:59

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 4484Vanessa the Guesser

Route Beer 66

09/10/17 11:47:04

Pete  Vote score: 16998Pete

Boris Johnson needs to get a grip on himself.

09/10/17 11:43:50

Pussy Galore Vote score: 5024Pussy Galore

Erica derived hours of entertainment by watching pedestrians come to grief while engrossed in their mobile phones.

09/10/17 11:20:18

Dr Strangelove Vote score: 446Dr Strangelove

Rock Chick

09/10/17 11:12:23

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