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Tony Edwards Vote score: 26422Tony Edwards

Climb it change

15/05/18 8:55:45

Chris Keegan Vote score: 2025Chris Keegan

Bloody right! They'll burn just as well.

15/05/18 8:00:09

Welsh Rarebit Vote score: 31381Welsh Rarebit

There's no fuel like an old fuel

15/05/18 8:46:36

Chris Keegan Vote score: 2025Chris Keegan

I sat in silence, looking long and hard at this message. I stare well.

15/05/18 8:08:05

Mark England Vote score: 13525Mark England

Learn about fuel efficiency in 4 easy steps

15/05/18 8:27:04

Susie Sheppard Vote score: 274Susie Sheppard

This is just playing on people's fear of stairs!

15/05/18 12:01:10

Tina  Flowers Vote score: 332Tina Flowers

USA. Unconcerned State of Awareness.

15/05/18 11:59:03

Pussy Galore Vote score: 6065Pussy Galore

Fight or Flight

15/05/18 11:32:48

Ian Skelding Vote score: 18863Ian Skelding

.... and heaven forbid, Americans fitter and slimmer.

15/05/18 10:21:57

Mr Dome  Vote score: 4819Mr Dome

Enrgy awareness is on the riser

15/05/18 9:33:10

Mr Dome  Vote score: 4819Mr Dome

ConsolEnergy - flatulence defence

(Oops my bad, I thought it said Cola)

15/05/18 9:32:21

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 8504Neil Mackenzie

They say using fossil fuels is bad for the environment,but some how increasing the population and building more houses reliant on fossil fuels is good for the country.

15/05/18 9:13:44

J Gaskill Vote score: 72J Gaskill

"You'd be TAKING these"?..
I'll bet the kleptomaniacs-anonymous group hesitates on that step.

15/05/18 9:09:54

C CaMel Vote score: 3324C CaMel

Bloody lung disease!

15/05/18 8:47:55

stone face Vote score: 1217stone face

But thankfully I can still take the coal powered lift or the gas escalator to bed .

15/05/18 8:46:01

Chris Halliwell Vote score: 4325Chris Halliwell

A flight of fancy.

15/05/18 8:34:00

John Llamas Vote score: 18916John Llamas

I’m not inclined to think ....... wasted effort

15/05/18 8:28:38

John Llamas Vote score: 18916John Llamas

“All right ...... no need for tiers”

15/05/18 8:27:24

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